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With over 25 years of industry expertise and nine corporate offices, Triovest is one of the premier fully-integrated commercial real estate advisory and capital firms in Canada. Boasting a nation-wide portfolio of nearly 400 properties at over 46M square feet their primary focus remains unprecedented client service. And in an ever-changing market, this, combined with their specialized capabilities and local market insights, is precisely how they continue to flourish.


One of Triovest's core values, in addition to integrity, teamwork, and accountability, is agility. Triovest saw the need to enhance their leasing process, ensuring that rich and accurate listing information was published in a timely manner to multiple channels, creating more efficient broker engagements. Traditionally, leasing and administrative staff worked with a cumbersome home-grown tool, spending an exorbitant amount of time compiling marketing material and producing promotional documents for brokers and prospects. They also took hours entering information twice—once for their public website and again in the accounting system (Yardi). Erroneous data on the web created inconsistencies, preventing the public from knowing accurate suite availabilities—synchronizing Arcestra with the most up-to-date property data from Yardi was mission critical. It was also vital to maintain brand consistency across all channels.


Arcestra's work with Triovest started with the Yardi data automation. This required an in-depth mapping of all the property data to a customized XML configuration. In conjunction with this, all the portfolio information including photos, floor and site plans, property brochures etc., was consolidated in Arcestra's platform.
Working with Michael Chin, Director of IT at Triovest, the Arcestra platform and integration with Yardi went smoothly and the solution was successfully launched in early 2014.


Arcestra was able to solve two key problems for Triovest:

  1. Time-consuming, repetitive, inconsistent manual data entry
  2. The inability to create detailed marketing material to communicate to brokers and prospects in a timely manner

Robust automation allowed the property information to be properly synced to Triovest's accounting system and their website so that staff needed only to enter data in one location to eliminate inaccuracy and greatly increase efficiency. PDF brochures at the portfolio, property, and suite level could now be created on-the-fly to be disseminated across the broker network and potential prospects, preserving many hours of valuable time while enhancing the entire leasing process.

Michael Chin / IT Director

Arcestra's team was highly professional and knowledgeable, making the process very smooth and relatively pain-free, as compared to other IT implementations. While we still face some challenges, I believe they were the best solution to solve our problems around data integrity and marketing and communication to our network and as a result, have saved us a great deal of time and money! I would highly recommend working with Arcestra!

Founded in Toronto in 2001, Crown Realty Partners combines seasoned expertise with young energetic talent to provide a highly knowledgeable, client-focused, integrated approach to commercial real estate investment, leasing, management, acquisitions and development. With nearly 5M square feet, 32 office properties and $1B of assets under management, Crown has consistently grown from just 5 to 101 employees, ensuring lasting relationships and intelligent, full-service transactions as the foundation for every partnership.


Crown's traditional means of online property marketing relied largely on the relationship with Altus Insite, Spacelist and Costar to manually update availability information. However, this took significant time and the data wasn't easily shared across the website and other channels, not to mention, it was often out-of-date and inconsistent. Crown needed a way to efficiently push out higher volume and better quality content to multiple mediums and to do so in a fully mobile, modern environment—something they recognized was vital to the future of their business.


Crown chose to implement the Arcestra marketing platform as their solution; Scott Watson, Leasing and Marketing Partner, along with Monica Di Zio, Marketing and Communications Manager at Crown acted as leads on the project.


Within just two short weeks, all of Crown's property data was loaded into the Arcestra platform and fully launched in December of 2014. They now have an aesthetically pleasing, mobile ready interface with which they could maintain and promote properties with agility and accuracy like never before —for Monica Di Zio, the primary platform user, this was a huge accomplishment. Not only are they able to preserve brand consistency across all channels, they are able to store all types of media (including videos and animations) in one central location. In addition, their broker network is continually engaged through regular email updates. Crown's leasing team also began receiving more viable leads from both the broker package download feature as well as Spacelist—a result largely attributed to Arcestra's nightly data feed which assured property details of the highest integrity.

Monica Di Zio / Marketing & Communications Manager

From day one, our relationship with Arcestra has been very positive! Right from the initial stage of loading info into the platform through to the incredible 24/7 support. They deployed the platform extremely quick and were able to solve all our major issues so that we now have centrally organized marketing material, we are up to date with industry technology, and most importantly, we are fully mobile friendly with consistent quality property data at all times!

Managed by one of Canada's leading real estate companies since 2013, Dream Industrial REIT offers a diversified, growing, and high value portfolio of 213 light industrial properties totalling 16.2M SF across Canada. Geographically distinct, all the properties are in prime business parks with close proximity to highways and very befitting to their unique markets, boasting a 94.5% occupancy rate country-wide.


With such a significant number of properties in their portfolio, Dream required a more efficient & robust means of managing & disseminating their data and for consistent communication to their broker network. They typically marketed their leases by utilizing listing brokers and occasionally Spacelist or Kijiji and spent a great deal of time compiling monthly availability reports as well as marketing content. In addition, because of their size, particularly in Ontario, the appearance of their website and property listings needed improvement, with better organization and mobile compatibility.


It was early 2014 when Arcestra initiated conversations on how they could work together to help Dream achieve their goals. Andrew Cunningham, Director of Industrial Leasing, would oversee the implementation of the Arcestra CRE Marketing platform, a cloud-based software currently managing over 300M SF of Canadian commercial assets. With highly efficient task automation combined with consolidated marketing & communication tools, all in one reliable location, Arcestra's offering was a user-friendly, easy-to-deploy solution within a very short timeframe.


Dream launched the Arcestra platform within just a couple of months, allowing them to manage nearly 100 of their most prominent industrial properties. With a fresh, easy-to-navigate interface, the leasing team at Dream could now compile key property data in to one simple brochure in just seconds as well as ensure the key commercial listing sites were always up to date. Their broker network was also now engaged on a consistent basis whenever a change to the portfolio occurs, saving an enormous amount of time. Andrew Cunningham emphasized that the ability to receive updates from their competitors is another huge benefit in understanding activities across the industry landscape.

For Genevieve Lecour, Leasing Coordinator and primary platform user, the Arcestra solution solved many of her day-to-day issues around organization, updating website material (now accomplished with just 1 or 2 clicks), maximizing efficiencies, and tracking prospect’s interest in specific listings. With the broker package feature, email notifications are triggered whenever a download is cued, providing a way for the executive team to monitor important metrics and be proactive in following up with potential customers.

Andrew Cunningham / Director of Leasing, Dream Industrial REIT

Working with Arcestra has made a huge difference in the way Dream’s leasing team manages and communicates their availabilities. Everything is laid out for you in one concise format so you don’t miss a thing, allowing us to create marketing material on the fly with no hassle. The platform is easy to use and has helped us achieve maximum efficiency while accelerating our leasing process.

Nick Stryland / VP Portfolio Management, Central Region, Dream Industrial REIT

We are very pleased with the improved efficiencies, better market visibility, and enhanced communications that the Arcestra platform has provided for the Dream Industrial division."

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